Roxy's Motivational Messages Can Focus On Any of the Following Key Areas:

  • The ABCs of a SHEnergized Life 
  • Women's Empowerment
  • Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence
  • Spiritual Alignment
  • Professional Development

Theme Messages Available Upon Request

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Roxy Hall, SHEnergy Founder, enjoys motivating women into action. She has been using the ABCs of Life to close her motivational speeches for the last twenty years. The simplicity and power of these statements have left an indelible mark on the lives of women all across the country. Roxy now uses these compelling sentiments as the foundation of The ABCs of a SHEnergized Life, Personal Empowerment Journal #1. This journal infuses Roxy's high energy and impacting communication skills to provide a daily motivational message that delivers a quick jolt to ignite the woman of excellence inside of you. You will then be confronted with provocative questions that are written in a way to challenge your thinking, followed by a call to action which will empower you to enhance your current situation. ​

Live a SHEnergized Life

Roxy Hall is a passionate woman of Excellence. She has been motivating women across the country into action for over twenty years. She infuses high energy, real world experiences, and impacting communication skills together to create a perfect style to reach and lead women toward excellence. 

Roxy has experience in communications, organizational development, corporate training, educational leadership and small business consulting. She has experienced great success in many areas of her life. Roxy uses her experiences to show women that with faith, diligence, hard work, and tenacity they can accomplish their personal, professional, and spiritual goals. 

Her true mission in life is to help women identify their unique God given talents and abilities; then use that knowledge gained in order to impact their families, their professions and their spirituality. As the Founder of SHEnergy, Roxy helps women understand that if they work together as women and build powerful mutually beneficial alliances with like-minded women of Excellence, they can help one another take their businesses, their careers, and their lives to a higher level.

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  • Women's Religious Events
  • Small Business Organizations