Team Building & Communication

3 Bedroom Ocean View Suites
All three bedroom suites feature 3 full baths and over 2100 sq ft of spacious living area, superior bedding, fresh designer furnishings & décor with flat-panel HD TVs, and full kitchen

3 Bedroom Suite : $275 per person.

Must be 6 registered women in the suite. This option includes: King Bed (sleeps 2), Queen Bed (sleeps 1), Queen Sleeper Sofa, (sleeps 1),     2 twin beds (sleeps 2)

3 Bedroom Suite : $300 per person. 
Must be 5 registered women in the suite. This option includes: King Bed (sleeps 1), Queen Bed (sleeps 1), Queen Sleeper Sofa, (sleeps 1),      2 twin beds (sleeps 2)

3 Bedroom Suite : $330 per person.

Must be 4 registered women in the suite.

3 Bedroom Suite: $388 per person.

If you don't have suite mates, SHEnergy will assign 2 roommates with this option. Each woman will have a bedroom and bathroom​.

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Professional & Personal Development

A cohesive team is  imperative to the success of any small business or organization. Because teamwork is so critical to a business'  or organization’s success, team-building activities are vital.  This Empowerment Experience will have team building activities that are designed  to:  Build Trust, Ease Conflicts, Increase Collaboration and Promote Effective Communication.

Positive connections can aid in overall success in every aspect of a woman’s life. This event presents a perfect  team building opportunity for individuals, organizations and small business offices. The experience can translate into more productive and  efficient  results for the entire team and each individual. 

SHEnergize Yourself ... A Women's Empowerment Retreat Designed To Renew Your Mind, Body, & Spirit

Early Bird Registration Ends 5/1/2019

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The SHEnergize Yourself Personal & Professional Development Weekend Retreat is designed to engage the whole woman: mind, body and spirit, the luxurious accommodations of the Hammock Beach Resort will serve as an ideal setting to accomplish this mission.  SHEnergize Yourself 2019! will be a is a high energy, motivational, inspirational and self reflective empowerment experience designed for all women to help them take their lives to a higher level of excellence!!

We have also structured this weekend retreat to come together as groups. SHEnergize Yourself is great for:

  • ​Small Business Office Staffs
  • Not-for-Profit Organizations
  • Sororities & Social Organizations
  • Network Marketing Teams
  • Church Groups & Ministries
  • Girlfriends Get Away Weekend
  • Any Group or Organization Comprised of Enterprising Women

The Retreat's Self-Discovery Exercises, Training Activities, & Motivational Messages Will Focus On:​​

Experts in various fields of business and industry will lead informative and interactive workshops that are designed to provide women with real life strategies and tools to help in their  professional development and success.​

Women will have the  opportunity to network in master mind groups with women across industries, organizations and careers. Thereby, making critical connections that can aid in personal and professional success. 

Women will gain value tools to help them be successful in their businesses, careers, community organizations, and families. These tools will serve as valuable assets for each woman in attendance.

​​Women of all ages can build positive emotional health by developing positive skills, traits, and resources in order to counteract negative forces. This Empowerment Experience will help women develop tools that will increase their    well-being, satisfaction, and overall quality of life. Through interactive Self Discovery Activities women will be taught:

1. Emotional wellness is linked to better physical health and greater life satisfaction.
2. Every woman can learn how to improve her emotional wellness.
3. Women can improve their emotional wellness through simple tips and activities to appreciate themselves, find their balance and purpose, and connect with others.

Emotional Health & Wellness

All Registration Fees Include:
Lodging, Retreat Registration & Materials, One Year SHEnergy Membership ($100 Value), All Activities & Workshops, Pizza & Possibilities on Friday Night, Breakfast on Saturday & Sunday, Saturday Night Entertainment & Reception

1 Bedroom Ocean View Suite
Premium One Bedroom Suites feature over 700 sq. ft. of living space, superior bedding, fresh designer furnishings & décor with flat-panel HD TVs. Equipped with a king size bed and adjoining living area with kitchenette.

1 Bedroom Suite : $400 per person.

Must be 2 registered women in the suite.

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